We gratuitously help voluntary organisations

Why & how?



We often wonder what genuine difference can we make to the world. In short, we can help every voluntary organisation. We are strategic brand professionals; we are innovators; we are designers. We can help such organisations communicate to help raise much-needed funds. We can do this by providing a brand strategy; a strategic brand identity; a strategic brand campaign; a strategic brand website; the list could go on – you get the idea. Whether it is people, animals or the environment, we want to make a difference to the world by helping voluntary organisations make a difference to the world.



Every business that becomes a new client of TurasBranda will inform us of a local voluntary organisation that is close to their hearts. We will have a consultation with the organisation and outline how we can best help them. Once established, we will agree upon a brief and project scope that will make a genuine and substantial difference to the success of the organisation. Finally, we will bring this project to life, helping the voluntary organisation to generate more revenue for the people, animals or environmental issues that they are trying to help or fix.

Terms and conditions

A client must have invested 10k plus into projects under the contract of TurasBranda to avail of this initiative during a single financial year (January to December). Special cases may be considered.

New clients will be informed of the initiative upon contact with TurasBranda.

Existing clients will be informed of the initiative directly by TurasBranda.

Past clients (Prior to 24/08/2020) do not qualify for the initiative.

This initiative is to the value of €1,500 only.

The organisation you choose to help must be a voluntary one. Examples of voluntary organisations:


  • – Charities with unpaid staff
  • – Charities not funded by the government
  • – Amature sports clubs
  • – Amature recreational clubs
  • – Animal shelters
  • – Community groups/organisations
  • – Environmental protection groups not funded by the government

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