LEO Donegal Re-Build And Grow In A BREXIT And COVID World

COVID 19 combined with the upheaval of BREXIT has created a crisis of unprecedented proportions in the SME sector. The Rebuild and Grow in a BREXIT and COVID World programme is designed to help SME owners successfully deal with this new reality and the business challenges they now face.

The programme is presented by Niall Glynn and Lar Burke, two highly experienced financial and HR experts with backgrounds in business and strategic planning and a wealth of industry experience.

If you are the owner of an SME, this course will help you identify and implement the changes required to help your business trade through, and survive, this new business world.

The course is brought to you by the Local Enterprise Office Donegal. Here at TurasBranda, we helped devise and design the marketing newsletter which promotes the course, including the course identity as seen above.

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