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3. Brand Personality Workshop

You need to look at your brand as if it were a person. We are all emotionally attracted to people by how they behave and act towards us. Branding is the exact same. For example, you may not be attracted to a person because of what they do for a living – you are attracted to them because of their emotional behaviour. Likewise for brands, you are not always attracted to brands because of what they sell, you are attracted to them because of how they behave and why they sell a specific product or service. This narrows in on the importance of brand personality. During this workshop we will develop a human character reminiscent of your business or organisation. We will then assign a brand archetype and define a tone of voice. This is a 4-hour workshop after which we compile the findings and produce a brand personality framework for you.

The brand personality workshop is divided into the following three work stations:

Brand Character

  1. Characteristics
  2. Desires
  3. Fears


  1. Characteristics
Brand Archetype
We use a powerful strategy exercise originally devised by Carl Jung. We use brand archetypes to help us define your brand’s personality. This can also influence your brand positioning strategy.
Tone of Voice
  1. Characteristics
  2. Expression
  3. Dimensions Of Tone: Humour, formality, respect, enthusiasm


  1. Language Keywords / Phrases

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