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2. Brand Positioning Workshop

Brand positioning basically refers to where a person places your product or service against a competitor. For example, is it a cheap product or a luxury product; is it a quick turnaround service or a thorough service. The most important outcome of a brand positioning workshop is identifying a niché within your market. It is not always about identifying a gap for a new product or service related to your business – it can also be about how to serve the same product or service as a competitor in a different and unique way. Remember, it’s not what you sell – it’s why and how you sell it. This brings on the importance of thorough competitor analysis. The workshop also focuses on a deep dive into your target audience. This is an 8-hour workshop.

The brand positioning workshop is divided into the following three work stations:

Target Audience

We will study your target audiences:

  1. Demographics
  2. Psychographics
  3. Personality

Challenges & pain points:

  1. What do they struggle with?
  2. How does that impact them?
  3. What could happen if they don’t overcome it?

We will discovery their:

  1. Desires
  2. Fears
Competitor Analysis
Positioning Strategy

  1. What is their main point of difference?
  2. How do they communicate their difference?
  3. Is their position unique?
  4. Does their position add value?
  5. Does their position enhance the experience?
  6. Can this position be replicated easily?
  7. What is unique about their brand experience?

Brand Personality

  1. Do they have a defined personality / archetype?
  2. List the characteristics they display in their messaging
  3. List the characteristics they display in their brand identity
  4. Identify the characteristics they use that resonate with their audience
  5. Where are they failing to resonate with their audience?
  6. Is their brand voice well defined?
Brand Position

Gaps & Ideas

  1. Unmet Needs
  2. Opportunities
  3. Ideas
  4. Identifying a niché
  5. Differentiation Statement

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