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Brand Strategy & Identity


Why? Spice & Fun
What? Xi’an Bar & Restaurant
Where? Galway, Ireland
When? 2022

What our client said...

Our clients do the talking:

The Chinese seal script (洛岸) used in the brand icon translates to Luo An, which means ‘the bay of Luo River’. The Luo River plays a significant role in the stories of ancient Shaanxi, the province where Xi’an is located.

One such story is the ‘Ode to the nymph of the Luo River’. The icon celebrates her journey as she voyaged the windswept river waves, taking a breath of the people before her—with her grace, elegance and natural beauty.

A fitting metaphor, the story of the ‘Ode to the nymph of the Luo River’ portrays the feeling of RÈ NAO. If something is ‘RÈ NAO’, you want to be there. A place of excitement, spirit, pride and passion. A position that Turas Branda help us to identify through their strategic brand workshops. This feeling is perfectly depicted through the shape and form of the energetic calligraphy icon. Turas Branda taught us the importance of storytelling and their visual representations of our story is exquisite.

In ancient China, they had methods to ensure they lived their life to its full potential. One such method was Bagua, which today is used to influence Feng Shui. Bagua is a set of symbols with meanings in ancient China. For example, “—” stands for yang while “- -” stands for yin. Three such symbols can be arranged into Eight Trigrams, called Bagua. Turas Branda use the Bagua to create a grid to form our unique brand letterforms. The imperfect lines of the Bagua symbols represent how they would have been first visualised using ink or paint. Turas Branda kept this style to portray the brand’s authenticity.

My team and I loved Turas Branda’s approach to branding, they taught us a lot. The brand workshops allowed to discuss out loud what we wanted to achieve. Turas Branda used the information they gathered to create a solid brand foundation for us, which empowered the visual references throughout our new brand identity. We love our brand. We will be forever grateful.

Kee Q Chen, Founder of RÉ NAO


Brand Strategy & Identity


Why? For Bubbly People
What? Xi’an Café Bar
Where? Galway, Ireland
When? 2022

What our client said...
Our clients do the talking:

From Turas Branda’s research into Chinese culture, they found that in Chinese minds, the moon is associated with gentleness and brightness, expressing the beautiful yearnings of the Chinese people. On the 15th day of the 8th month of the lunar calendar, the moon is full and it is time to mark the Moon Festival, or the Mid-Autumn Festival. The round shape of the moon symbolises family reunion. Therefore the day is a holiday for family members to get together and enjoy the full moon – an auspicious token of abundance, harmony, and luck. Turas Branda devised our visual identity based on this fact. Within the autumn moon shape is the Chinese symbol for moon. Also, this feel-good metaphor lead to our brand tagline, “For Bubbly People”. It’s fitting, because we specialise in bubble tea.

RÉ TEA can be the facilitator of such bubbly gatherings. In Chinese culture, they reference family – however, the same applies for friends to gather and have fun whilst eating or drinking RÉ TEA products.

Café shops are places where people like to go to order tea, coffee, lunch snacks, desserts, ice-drinks, bubble tea etc. However, people also go to cafés to meet their family and friends. Whether they sit in, or they take away a drink and catch-up elsewhere. This is why Ré TEA exists, Turas Branda helped us to realise this and create a unique position in an otherwise cluttered market.

Kee Q Chen, Founder of RÉ TEA
(Sister business to RÉ NAO)

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